5 Administrative Assistant Resume Tips 2017


Administrative Assistant resume tips 2017

Crafting an administrative assistant resume can be a daunting task especially when there are so many people competing for the same job. Remember research shows you have about 6 seconds to get the recruiters attention. To make your administrative resume stand out there are a few basic steps that you must follow to ensure that your application catches the eye of a recruiter.

1. How to start your administrative assistant resume in 2017

The short summary at the beginning of your resume is there for one reason.

We want to give the recruiter an overview of your professional background and capabilities. It doesn’t have to be long but should describe attributes or experiences which would make you seem distinct from the rest of the candidates. As an example.

“Experienced administrative assistant with an Honors Degree and a Certified Administrative Professional designation. Possesses strong technical skills and proficient in the use of software applications such as Microsoft Office, Excel and PowerPoint.”

2. Importance and Value of Tasks

Emphasise your true value to the company.

Being an administrative assistant might sound straight forward, but as we know there are several high level overlooked tasks that we have to perform, such as carrying out secretarial work, executive duties and other managerial tasks to make sure the business runs smoothly.

Remember to highlight these contributions as achievements you’ve made to your existing or previous organisation. Mention how you’ve addressed challenging situations when, for example, the office was understaffed. These little details will get the attention of the hiring manager, and make sure that it is your administrative assistant resume stands out amongst the crowd.

3. Technical Experience

Lay out your technical abilities.

With any administrative assistant resume, your computer and any IT skills are of vital importance. It is not just enough to be organised and maintain a neat work schedule, in today’s technological age, you have to be proficient with your IT tools as well such as MS Office, spreadsheets, Email, PowerPoint, etc.

If you have done a technical training course, be sure to mention that as it will add more value to your resume. You can add a separate section for skills if you like to indicate the different software you have used and your proficiency in managing them.

If there is something specific for the role that would give you an edge, do a cheap online course on a site like udemy to get an understanding of the skill. Although you do not have a college degree in the subject you will jump out on the CV as somebody who up-skills in their own time and is self motivated.

4. Customisation is key

Play to the audience.

Whenever you apply for different jobs, be sure to customise your resume according to the requirements mentioned in the job advertisement. Most people make the mistake of sending the same resume for every application they make which often renders them unsuccessful results.

As a key point, it is recommended to use the same language as mentioned in the job requirements because most recruiters use software to filter out resumes using these key words.

If a job description mentions that you need to have PowerPoint skills, mention that specifically in your resume instead of just saying that you possess strong computer skills.

Be sure to relate your skills, capabilities and experiences in relation to the job that you apply for. Remember that everyone possesses similar skills but what will get you that job is how you word your resume, and make it distinctive. Also, use professional language and keywords relevant to the field or the company that you’re applying for. It makes the recruiter think that you understand what the job is about, and have some familiarity in that area.

5. Get a fresh pair of eyes X2

Double check, then get a friend double check, and then double check again 🙂

Last but not the least is having someone else review your resume. People often overlook this important factor and miss out on small details that might have been caught by others who look at the resume with fresh eyes.

Small errors like spelling mistakes can lead to a very negative impression and in most cases will rule you out of a call back, so it is crucial that you have a friend or colleague go through your resume, and provide feedback on areas that you can improve. They might also suggest some highlights or achievements that you might have forgotten or overlooked. This process will significantly improve your resume, and your chances of landing a great job.

Research shows that the average time a recruiter spends on a resume is 6 seconds, so along with recruitment industry experts we have created a selection of professional CV templates that you can use as a starting point or transfer your current CV over to.

This is proven to get the attention of the recruiter to create an instant impression of organisation, presentation, and motivation to go the extra mile out for the position.

Let your friends know 🙂

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The administrative assistant resume template | 2017 Microsoft word edition



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