5 Quick Tips | how to make a cover letter for a resume


As soon as you complete the technical stuff with the CV, it is then time to learn how to make a cover letter for a resume that stands out and compliments what you have put in your CV. Its time to  let your employer know who you are and what you can do for their company. Below are some short but essential tips for writing your cover letter.

1. Brevity is essential. Keep it short.

The best cover letters are brief, honest and to the point.

The recruiter get a lot of CVs each day, if you have managed to get hold their attention and get them interested enough to read the cover letter then you just need give them an insight into you as a person. If they lose interest by having to read a lengthy prose then you may just get put aside. Sad but true

2. Send it directly to the head of HR. 

If you do not know who this is then make a quick call to the company and ask who the hiring manager is. Then address the letter directly to them. This is a small gesture but goes a very long way in getting your cover letter to stand out.

3. Convey your motivation and passion.

Use the short amount to text for two primary things. Motivation and passion for the industry. The CV handles the specifics and technical stuff but the cover letter can be used to show who you really are.

4. Be creative with your opener.

Another essential tip to grab their attention is to focus a lot of time on an opening line. This should be a strong statement of intent. After that they will be intrigued enough to read through to the end an likely be intrigued enough by your personality and individuality to call you in for the interview.

5. The 2 things to focus on.

You should lay out your understanding of their requirements and pinpoint exactly what they need. Then in the second paragraph you can explain how you are the person to meet those requirments and fill the role.