8 essentials for drafting your IT CV template


The professional IT CV template pack is specifically geared toward getting more interviews in the IT sector, below are some essentials for drafting your IT CV template that will help massively increase call back rates. In today’s job market, it can be quite challenging to make your CV stand out.

If you’re lucky enough to get it passed through an automated application tracking system, the human resource manager might not even take a minute to look at it. In fact, research indicates that recruiters do not spend more than 6 seconds on a CV before moving to the next one.

#1 – Personal Experience Matters

Show your passionate about more than the paycheck.

If you’re a recent graduate, you may struggle to fill up the IT CV template but instead of corporate work experience you can add your personal technical experience to show you are passionate about the field of IT you are looking for a career in. However if you have several years of experience, it can extend to 2-3 pages. The length of your CV generally depends on your work experience and as long as it’s relevant the page count doesn’t matter as long as you have their attention. 

#2 – Leave Out The Buzzwords

Keep it easy to read and understand.

The objective statement is a thing of the past. These days a professional summary is normally present at the beginning which details a brief account of your experience, job history and career achievements. Don’t make it too wordy or use cliché terms like team player, dynamic and intelligent.

#3 – Cater Your Skill Set

Up skill for the role quickly.

If there are specific technical skills that are in the preferred section of the job listing (eg. Java, Swift languages). I would recommend doing a Udemy course to upskill quickly (4-8 Weeks). This way you can have a great head start when you land the job and will also be able to add to the CV that you have knowledge of the subject. This will save you in the interview process.

#4 – Brevity and Simplicity

Straight forward and no nonsense approach.

Use bullet points and industry-specific acronyms instead of long verbose sentences. However, don’t make them too difficult for the recruiter to read because they might not be as technical as you are. Stick to the basic common English which is understandable to everyone but don’t lose the element of technicality. You still need to make it sound technical so the reader can access that you’re from an IT background.

#5 – Show Them With Visuals

Pictures can explain the more complex to describe stuff.

Infographic resumes are gaining popularity in this day and age. This is another way to make your CV shine, and works really well for industries such as sales, technology, graphic designing or telecommunications. If you have done any certifications, you can add the logo in the top corner to make it more visible and apparent to the recruiter. Visual representations lasts longer in a person’s mind as compared to plain-text. However, do not underestimate the power of words since your CV still needs to go through an automated tracking software.

#6 – Get Social (Or they will dig around online)

Put on your best face online. They will be watching.

Today, job hiring managers like to look at the social media content of a person’s profile. So, you can always include a reference to your LinkedIn profile or a technology blog that you have been maintaining. This will help you stand out from the crowd, and make a first impression on your potential employer.

You need to make sure all your profile pictures are professional even if they are private accounts. They will find them if they want.

#7 – Use Professional Grammar Checkers.

Use free online tools to make sure you are not missing something.

The general advice that applies to other professionals goes for IT job seekers as well. Do not make any spelling or grammar mistakes, and be sure to check it with a powerful editor. There are several online tools available, for example, Grammarly which can help you do this. Also, have someone read your CV to point out the things that you might have missed, and give you a useful feedback.

#8 – Don’t Be Overshadowed

People will have more experience, it does not mean you don’t have a chance.

Looking at CV examples from people who have more experience than you in your relevant field can give you a good sense of what you should be aiming for, and which skills have enabled them to achieve that position. You can aim for similar certifications or trainings to make yourself more employable, and include them in your CV to improve your chances of beating the competition, and getting your dream job!

Be sure to check out our Professional IT CV Template and use these tips when drafting it up. You will firstly get the recruiters attention and break past the dreaded 6 second glance and then to the trash routine. And then with the tips and a well taught out layout in the template you will be able to connect and massively increase call back rates.

The Professional IT CV Template Pack