The need for the perfect CV format and layout in 2016


These days even with all the job markets and online resources, it can still be rather difficult to find a job. If you are going to get a job, you need to make sure that you have a outstanding resume and the perfect CV format that will impress your potential boss. The job market is a competitive place and you need to gain every advantage possible.

A CV is the way that you advertise yourself and your skills to a company and explain why they would best benefit from hiring you. A hiring manager will only look at the CV for a few seconds before already determining how they feel about you. You need something that catches their eye otherwise you will miss a potentially big opportunity.

First of all, you should think of your CV almost as a Twitter account, in the way that you only have so much time to say what you want. Recent studies have shown that the recruiter or hiring manager only really has the attention span of around 6 seconds when it comes to reading a CV.

This means that you do not want to be too wordy. Keep your sentences brief but professional sounding and use headings to create visual interest on important sections of the CV. Most importantly, make sure you get those critical details that will impress your potential employer. You are trying to sell yourself as an asset that this company needs and your CV needs to reflect that.

After you have done this and written out a CV, treat that as your first draft. Put on your editing hat and reread your CV. Every time you read some new information, ask yourself if that is something that is important enough to be in there. Is that something that adds value to your CV?

You really need to pick apart every single word that you put on your CV to make sure that it adds to a value. During your reread, you will notice which bit of information stands out most. Is this what you want to stand out? Think of when you read an article in the paper or online. They always highlight or find other ways to make the important pieces of information stick out for those hiring managers.

Did you know that the way your CV looks is just as important as the content? If you make a CV that is visually appealing, through the use of different fonts, borders, pictures, and other areas where you can add in visual interest, your CV will actually be more effective. This is a way to keep the hiring manager interested in your CV and making sure that you have the perfect CV format in both readability and aesthetic. If it stands out then one way or another you will have the attention of the recruiter. This is half the battle in a competitive job market.

Once upon the time, a standard CV that just factually gave a description was enough to make a difference in whether or not you get the job. Today, you need a lot of pizzazz that will make your CV memorable and help you to stand out. A professional CV and having the perfect CV format that stands out in 2016 is more important than ever and will ultimately decide if you are going to be hired for the job that you want.

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